Some recent projects

My Rooted Man

I finished a few projects. A rooted man and a great expression in basswood. Our Carving group did the Christmas trees. They turned out great. We had an online auction to help the refugees escaping the war in Ukraine. We raised $450. I have a unique Greenman I am working on right now. This year I have committed to carving expressions in wood and work on some portraits and full busts.

I hope you are creating and enjoying some great time with your passion and art. Nate

Catching up

I haven’t carved a lot since Christmas. I got out there a few times. Our woodcarving group had a booth at our community Christmas Festival. We had a couple Christmas trees and allowed kids to try out woodcarving with a mallet and chisel, with careful supervision of course. I have carved several Santa’s for a couple local shops. a few sold.

I have been doing some fun Reels on Instagram. that has been a good experience. My Pic was used on ads for Schaaf Tools. My thanks to my daughter’s photography. They have used those pics several times.

I am looking forward to getting out in the shop and doing some more creating and carving. Here are a few pics

Finally Completed a couple pieces

After a several weeks of busyness and a health scare, I have not been able to get out and carve much, but last week I felt great and the desire to carve returned and so I got out to the shop. Here’s a greenman and a Santa I finished.  Looking forward to really putting in more time during this fall and winter accelerating my learning and carving time.

Video From International Assoc. of Woodcarvers. My story and demo.

I was honored to be on the monthly show hosted by Blake Lundsford and the International Association of Woodcarvers. I talk about how I got into carving, how it’s blessed my life, and some tips. then I give a demo of carving a Greenman in Cottonwood Bark from western U.S.

I am doing a demonstration of a Greenman for International Association of Woodcarvers as their guest.

Saturday, July 10, at 3 pm. I will be the guest on the IAW hosted by Blake Lundsford. They have recorded this show and all of the guests that have been featured. Here is their Youtube channel to subscribe Click here International Association of Woodcarvers. I will be sharing some of my woodcarving journey and doing a demonstration on a Greenman. The information is below.

The show is on Zoom below is the room code and password is “carving”. You will be admitted at 3pm EST. I am honored to be asked and excited for the opportunity

See you Saturday!

I’m at the Arts on the Market Gallery

Some of my carvings are on display and for sale at the new Art Gallery “Arts on the Market” in Downtown Toledo. This is a new Gallery with a lot of crazy great artists. I appreciate the owners, care, vision, and work. Scott is great to work with. Here is their FB page .

Some of My Favorite Carving Creations

I have a lot of favorite carvings. These all have a story. Here are a few of some creations over the last years that I loved doing and loved how they turned out.

Big Chief and Old man in Butternut.
Fisherman in Butternut given to my brother , Mark LeVeck, who served in the United States Coast Guard his whole career. Loved the pic my daughter Abby captured.

The man who got me into carving, my good friend, Marty Eddinger carved half of this and mailed it to me to carve the right side. I did not do it, until after his death. In honor I carved it and this piece is in my office in his honor. Thank Marty for the gift of carving!

This Greenman is kind of mysterious. I love the symplicity, yet the mystery it hold.

A beautiful sunflower that brings me joy, like my daughter who received this on Christmas morning.

Who doesn’t like Groot? My son Levi loves this, and now owns it, Groot is from one of our favorite movies.
Willow Man from the tree I grew up climbing. A fun expression and one of my first carvings with expression.
My oldest son was given this weathered fisherman.
One of my best Greenmen with the most leaves.

Green Man

A popular woodcarving genre in faces is the carving of Green men. Green men were in many cathedrals in Europe before the 15th century. Historians are not sure why churches had them carved or sculpted there. Maybe a sign of new life in Christ? No one is completely sure. This one has 31 leaves. They are fun to carve as you can be very creative and the layout reveals itself to me as I go. I will enter this in an art show for competition in November if they still have it. Then it will be for sale.