Alec Lacasse comes to Temperance, Michigan to Teach

Alec Lacasse, wood sculptor, instructor, and musician came last weekend to Temperance, MI. Alec taught a face-carving seminar for 4 hours. We had 12 guys and we all had a great time, learned a lot, and enjoyed this young man and gifted teacher. If you can ever take any instruction with Alec, live or online, I highly recommend it. I have taken lessons with him and to have him here teaching was so great. He is an amazing individual. He stayed and also sang a few songs at our church. Check out his work, schedule, or get a lesson at Alec Lacasse’s Website Alec taught us more than woodcarving, but so much more through his character and music. Thanks Alec!

Alec Performs at Compelled Church
12 Men learned so much from Alec
Alec Lacasse and Nate Elarton
Alec Lacasse and Nate Elarton

2 thoughts on “Alec Lacasse comes to Temperance, Michigan to Teach

  1. That’s wonderful~thanks for sending me all this great news; happy for All of You and know it Blessed you All. PTL
    Paul & Elkie Harwood came from N/C Shut-ins today and Blessed me so much, we had a great 21/2hrs. Visiting and then they wanted to give me communion after praying over me and I didn’t have wine or juice so we did it with Beet Juice! HaaHaa! But felt the Love of The Lord! And what he did for Us at the ✝️ They made my day! And they said to tell you Hi, as you had their son in ‘Youth” at N/C. Elkie said, how many “Pastor〰️Youth & Senior Ministries at same time?” So we got in lots of laughs! Laughter is “good medicine”.
    Have a great rest of week and Lord’s Day. Love Ya’s Jean 💕

    Sent from Jean Watson


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