Some recent projects

My Rooted Man

I finished a few projects. A rooted man and a great expression in basswood. Our Carving group did the Christmas trees. They turned out great. We had an online auction to help the refugees escaping the war in Ukraine. We raised $450. I have a unique Greenman I am working on right now. This year I have committed to carving expressions in wood and work on some portraits and full busts.

I hope you are creating and enjoying some great time with your passion and art. Nate

One thought on “Some recent projects

  1. Hi Nate & Wendy~ Love the carvings, You’re so talented. 12 or more are coming tomorrow for Birthdays~ Please keep us in Prayer for their safety, I’m feeling well, & The Joy of The Lord Floods This Condo! LOVE YA’S. Jean


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